Fight Club

Two weeks ago I saw my first cage fight. I attended to support a friend, Bryan, who was fighting that night.

Bryan is a dedicated fighter who lives an athletes’ lifestyle. He trains most everyday. He observes a strict diet. He has 3 different trainers who push him to his limit. Bryan lives a life few of us experience or understand.

I have seen videos of Bryan fight and he is impressive. Bryan has a black-belt in Kempo Karate and is a two-time undefeated middleweight champion in bare-knuckle karate. He talks about “striking skills for ground-and-pound” as if everyone does this kind of thing.

The cage fight was nothing like I expected. No one possessed animal-keen senses with retracting claws and there wasn’t a villain named “Bone Saw!” What I did find was a crowd loud and full of emotion. The energy in the room was addictive. It was great.

The bouts before Bryan’s fight where intense. By the time he entered the cage I was yelling right along with the crowd.

Bryan lost in 1 minute 32 seconds.

The entrepreneur lifestyle is similar to an athletes. It is an “all in” game with real consequences and serious threats. It means spending nights and weekends away from family and friends. A smart entrepreneur will have advisers, who like trainers will be truly honest as you search for a viable business model. A startup requires an athlete-level commitment to survive and become a success.

The reality for a startup founder is different then what some may think. There are no mega-parties with fashion models. No business reward dinners for the-best-idea-ever. No interviews with fortune magazine. No super-heroes here. Just hardworking people with a passion and a dream.

Few experience or understand the emotion and energy that a startup offers. It is great fun and it can be very addictive.

Like a training athlete the startup-idea must get out. Share the idea with anyone you can. Pitch it early. Pitch it often. Keep pitching until the value pitch rolls so naturally it is like everyone does this kind of thing. Let the idea get punched around a bit. If the idea gets knocked out in 1:32, go get a new one. An idea is the easy part.

The first rule of Startup Fight Club — Talk About Fight Club!

Bryan will be fighting again in few weeks. This time I’ll watch him win.

* This post has been Bryan-approved because I really don’t want him to hit me.