A 2 minute video chat with Ira Glass on storytelling and the creative process. 

A must watch.

I was reminded of Aimee Mullins’ incredible personal journey today.  Worth the time to watch (or re-watch) it this weekend.

Starting a company with a purpose. 

Move 3 pixels to the left.

I had this gem backlogged on my reading list.  It was a great reminder that the key to a world class product is a users’ positive emotional reaction.

Many great companies get that a great story can be the formation and core of a great product.  

Consider the references in the post to SquareSimple and Mint. I would also add in Nest and the new Twitter and this Tumblr thing into that mix.  Startups like Dress Rush and Pinterest also “get it”.

Many of the videos where there is only music and the user experience as actors have a great impact.  Product video like what Nest and Twitter have done are just simply fantastic. 

I can only imagine the product meeting where Jack Dorsey or Tony Fadell shared the vision of Square, New Twitter and Nest. It had to be awe inspiring.

The idea of letting a product tell a story is not new. The same spark of inspirational story telling around a product can be seen when Walt Disney announced Disney World. 

What all this tells me is that tech needs to be more hollywood than geek chic. Things are much more easy to hustle when it is sexy. And that makes for a fantastic user experience and trust in your product and company.

All a good weekend read and watch.

What a great video, It tells such a wonderfully warm story with nothing but props and music.


Carolyn Everson, Social by Design.

Nothing dramatically new is said about how brands should interact with social networks [like Facebook and Google+] for an enriched customer experience, but she says everything articulately.

A good watch.

I really like that she puts forth a purpose of her talk, “social by design”. Then follows through with supporting arguments, shows contrasts through examples and finishes with supportive narratives.

But what really matters from this talk is that marketing is moving away from the traditional broadcast to a conversation.

I could not agree more.